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Another Seasonal Message

By permission of the author, Stew Spezzano, from the Dinosaur Forum on
                          The Night Before Tertiary

Twas the night before Tertiary and all through the Crater;
Not a creature was stirring not even a gator...
Their carcasses were flung in the wind without care;
Making their species exceedingly rare.
Then from the earth there rose such a clatter...
As earthquakes and volcanos spewed out much matter.
Living in the darkness, what should disappear...
The plankton,the plants,what else is not clear!.
Out T rex,out pterosaurs, ceratopsians and raptors,
Comet killed ammonites and all of their captors.
Many small mammals burrowed to bed.
While fire and brimstone roared overhead.
Birds flew away to avoid the hot blast...
Going like hell until it had past.
Then, as the snow and ice hit the ground...
The temperature dropped as things turned around
Mammals came out of their holes with glee..
To eat bugs,and berries,and of course just to pee.
After a time the sun showed some light;
Evolution kicked in with all of it's might.
The earth had survived a terrible fright.
Merry Christmas for some,for Dinos GOOD NIGHT!

                                    Merry Christmas,

Seasons Greetings from
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