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Mesozoic encyclopedia

[ This seems like as good a place as any to mention that I'm going to
  be gone for about a week starting tomorrow night.  I haven't
  mentioned it before because Chris Nedin will be around, so there
  will be a little to no interruption of service.  The following is
  quite definitely pushing the boundaries as it's moving from
  dinosaurs to publishing, but since the goal of the project is
  similar to the goal of this list I'm allowing it.  For Chris' sake I
  hope you'll wrap it up soon and obviate the need for similar
  decisions, though... -- MR ]

I'm going to beg (or perhaps test) Mickey's patience here,
but I want to get some new ideas on this "project" into
circulation where, maybe, some big publishing company will
see them. (On the other hand, if I win the lottery,
you're all invited to my country estate where we'll quaff
a few drinks and write the whole encyclopedia in a week
and give copies away.)

Bruce Thompson quite correctly pointed out the need
for indexes of more than just genera names. He suggested
several ideas (area, time, discoverer). The point of having
a "universal format" is that if Bruce calls up the
publisher and says "I want an annually updated index
of discoverers please" the publisher tells him "won't sell,
go away" then he will mention it on this list and voila',
George (or I, or Jeff) will whip one up.

Second new idea of the night, from what I know of printing
and bookbinding (which is a bunch) there is a point
at which all of the pages are printed and folded and stacked
and loaded into a machine. The next step is that each
gathered bunch of pages is run through a little grinder
sort of thing which slices/grinds off the folded edges
of the gathered "signatures". The next step (about 4 feet
down the machine) these stacks of loose pages (held firmly
in the clutches of the machine) have glue spread across their
raw/buzzed edges and the binding itself is pressed onto them.
Fine so far, but what if.....

We took some of the "book/sets" out of the machine between
grinding and gluing and hole punched them and put them into
a binder? That would allow us to sell two versions of the
same book, and save a bundle by using "common parts".
Libraries could order their bound editions; individuals
could order the ring binder version.

The Olshevsky could publish "The Case for Birds Came First"
that "just happens" to fit the binder and keep count of
how many people come around to his point of view!