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 > >I have a copy of a photo published in one of our newspapers in ?nov of last
 > >year, and I think it might be of Sereno's new, very big theropod. It shows
 > >just a skull, resting on a thick kind of mat, and Sereno is lying down to 
 > >look into its mouth, kind of smiling as he knows it's a such a un-subtle  
 > >publicity shot. The skull is very big, about 5 ft long, very dark in colour.
 > >Until yesterday I assumed it was _Afrovenator_, but George's comments made
 > >me think otherwise. As yet, I haven't had time to compare this skull with 
 > >that of _Afrovenator_. From memory, though, the one in the photo appears 
 > >much deeper.

> That's the big one, no doubt.

OK, but two problems; the caption to the photo describes the animal as
_Afrovenator_ (but I reckon that's the only name they could get hold of, for
obvious reasons); the caption said that the skull was on display in... Sydney.
 > >Doug Henderson has painted _Afrovenator_ with a _Ceratosaurus_-style
 > >vertical preorbital hornlet. I see no suggestion of such on _Afrovenator_'s
 > >skull
> There's been a lot of plaster added to the mounted _Afrovenator_ skeleton...

Maybe, but still no ceratosaurus-style preorbital hornlet. 

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