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>> At least everyone agrees that dinosaurs were active, homeothermic, 
>> sophisticated animals, and that complex social behaviour was not unusual.
>> Tony Canning
>You're kidding right? I know people who have work in progress disputing
>of social, active behaviour in dinosaurs.

The following appeared circa 1978 in the National Lampoon:

"The fields of palaeontology and zoology have been rocked recently by a
series of discoveries shedding new light on man's conception of the dinosaur.

"Formerly thought to be slow, dull-witted, "cold-blooded," ponderous
reptiles, speculation is now widespread that these huge prehistoric
creatures were, in fact, intelligent, warm-blooded, well-mannered, witty,
highly articulate, impeccably polite, and marvellous conversationalists.

"Dr. Jacob Markovitz of the University of Pennsylvania has written in
Palaeontology Review: 'Several pieces of evidence have come to light
suggesting the wide range of dinosaur capabilities.  One is a prehistoric
magazine featuring articles on scale grooming, seaweed recipes, and a number
of humerous light verses - all by and for pterodactyls.  Another, a remnant
of what appears to be a diary kept by a Triceratops, includes the entry,
"Luncheon with B.  Reminded her of Spring Gala arrangements.  Her geraniums
looked splendid."  '

"In addition, fossil discoveries indicate that many dinosaur populations had
organized their members into debating teams, civic leagues, and amateur
light opera groups."

I hope this settles the matter...
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