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Re: Bird Question

>Post Jurassic question. I'm curious-  When did the large diversification of 
>birds occur? Or was it too gradual to specify?

The dificulty in answering this has been the identification of many Mesozoic
birds.  In older books you can find many Mesozoic fossils assigned to living
orders like Phoenicopteriformes or Anseriformes.  My understanding is that
these are now generally regarded as forming a separate radiation not close
to modern groups; others may correct me on this but I think most of these
are now placed (by Feduccia anyway) in Enantiornithes, a group that did not
survive the Cretaceous.  However, most modern orders were probably
established early in the Cenozoic, though Passeriformes appear to have come
along a bit later, replacing a radiation of barbet-like birds (eg Eobucco)
in the Palaeocene.

I am not up on the most recent literature on this and stand to be corrected
- and am eagerly awaiting Feduccia's new book on the subject (due this spring??)
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