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Re: The death throes of drowning, version 2

>    PS:  to the person who left me mail asking if I was debating creationists
> again.  What I am doing is writing up the e-mails that I posted on the list
> a month or to ago.  I am adding commentary.  One of the comments I want to
> make is whether study of extant drowning victims supports the notion of the
> "death pose" coming from drowning.

     If you soaked an animal in water for a little bit and then flopped 
it back on land, I would expect the ligmanets to dry and pull the head 
back just like it would in an animal that died on dry land, unless the 
muscles and ligaments were eaten by fish or something.  So, technically 
you could say that animal was killed in a great divinely ordained flood and 
there is just no evidence to the contrary.  Or maybee it suffocated on a 
plastic grocery bag or committed suicide with sleeping pills.  Why not?  
Since we weren't there, theres no way we'll know for sure it didn't happen, 
right?  Ha ha.
    Also, in regard to ceratopsian forelimbs, the 
elbows were naturally bent, even if they were pulled in.  Although the 
evidence definitely supports a non-sprawl, its still not what I'd 
call an "upright" posture.  Whats the point to cocking the elbows like 
that?  Could these things really gallop after all?
     Check your newspaper for a picture of that 25 foot giant squid they 
just caught off New Zealand.  Its a trip.

LN Jeff