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Re: Monoclonius

In a message dated 96-02-01 00:10:29 EST, you write:

<< >Or, to us generic lumpers (I lump genera, but split species and families)
>could mean that the entire subfamily Centrosaurinae or Eucentrosaurinae or
>Pachyrhinosaurinae (or whatever you wish to call it) could be sunk into the
>genus _Monoclonius_, though the type species would probably be _appertus_
>(from _(Eu)Centrosaurus_).  

No, you can't change the type species of a genus. The type species is
_Monoclonius crassus_.>>

Woops.  As always, you're right.  Would _appertus_ be something like a
para-type species?

<<There however would be subgenera; none of them
>being _Monoclonius_ though (don't you love this?).

ICZN rules specify that one subgenus _must_ be _Monoclonius_, namely, the
subgenus that contains at least the type species. If you can't name one of
the subgenera _Monoclonius_, then the genus is indeterminate.>>

Woops Again!  Of course their would be the subgenus _Monoclonius_ with its
type species being _crassus_, with no other material in the genus
_Monoclonius_ being referable to it.  _Hadrosaurus_ all over again.

Peter Buchholz