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>OK, but two problems; the caption to the photo describes the animal as
>_Afrovenator_ (but I reckon that's the only name they could get hold of, for
>obvious reasons); the caption said that the skull was on display in... Sydney.

Yup, we got us an Afrothingysaurus right here in Sydney! It is part of the
new fossil gallery in the Australian Museum and, as part of the opening of
the gallery, we were graced by the presence of Paul Sereno himself. While
here he had his picture taken in an "I'm trying to stare you down" type
pose that made it into the papers (the Sydnet Morning Herald sas I
remember). Is this the picture that you are refering to? It is things like
this that make you go Hmm.

By the way, it the Afrovenator in the AM has been put into a magnificently
active pose attacking a ...... Stegosaurus!!!!! (Which has been put into an
equally magnificent pose defending itself).

Cheers, Paul