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Re: Stego/Ankylo limbs

>        What about the elbows and wrists -- do they too show reinforcements=
>The stress on the elbows would be at least as great as the stress on the
>shoulders in a sprawling posture.

The elbows of _Triceratops_ are strongly built structures, they could easily=
 withstand the added stress of being placed away from the body.  By the way,=
 If one looks at the radius/ulna articulation, it appears that the two bones=
 form a nice shelf for the humerus to rest.  Also, If the humerus was=
 mounted in the  upright position in this shelf, the line of force put on by=
 the weight of the animal would not be centered on the elbow, but would be=
 offset slightly.  This would be a structurally unsound position.


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