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ENGLISH OR AMERICAN: The problem with English is that most languages
descend from a single root while English is a "blending" of the German
and Latin families (thanks to the Norman Conquest). One of the reasons
that English is such a good language is that there are two adjectives,
two adverbs, two expressions, two emotions for everything, the word
descended from the French conquerors and the one descended from the
original Anglo-Saxon peasants. That makes pronounciation very hard
since you have, basically, the Anglo and Franco way of pronouncing
each word (whereever it came from).
Stan Friesen wrote:
> A good example of this is found in Velikovsky's writings. Historians
> reading his books have been known to say "his astronomy sounds reasonable
> but his history is atrocious", and astronomers have been known to say
> "his history looks substantial but his astronomy is absurd".  Guess
> what? Velikovsky is out to lunch in *both* fields!
Reminds me of (although its opposite to) Tom Clancy, the top author of
technothriller novels. The "literary" types said "the technology is
great but there are no real people like this" while the military types
said "the technology is close but not perfect but I've met every one
of these people in the real military/government".