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February Paleoworld Schedule

Here are the titles, times and description for the four Paleworld 
programs this month, based on a listing in _Cable in the Classroom 
Magazine_. Check the listing with your local cable provider. All times 
are p.m. Eastern Standard Time:

February 3 and 4:
        African Graveyard, Part II: 8:00. More about the Sereno team

February 10 and 11:
        Island of the Giant Rats: 8:00. About rats on the island of
                Anguilla 120,00 years ago that there "three times
                the size of man."

February 17 and 18:
        Trail of the Neanderthal: 8:00. Addresses question of whether
                modern man is a descendant of Neanderthals.
                "(Paleontologists) search for clues at sites in
                Gibraltar and Croatia."

February 24 and 25:
        Monsters on the Move: 8:00. About whether migrations were "an
                integral part of dinosaur existence."

        My local cable guide indicates that each show is repeated on each 
of the dates above at 11:00 p.m.

----- Amado Narvaez