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Re: Lizard like bird-hips

In a message dated 96-02-03 17:49:29 EST, jpoling@infinet.com (Jeff Poling)

>   Anybody know a good ref. for the genesis of the terms Saurischian and
>Ornithischian?  I'm trying to explain in a "paper" I'm writing exactly *why*
>those names were chosen when birds really have derived "lizard-hips"
>(especially given the existence of Archaeopteryx (are-kay-oh-tare-ix) was
>known at the time).

Seeley 1888 is the source of the names:

Seeley, H. G., 1888. "On the Classification of the Fossil Animals Commonly
Named Dinosauria," Proceedings of the Royal Society of London 43: 165?171.

In those days there was an active school of dino-thought that considered
ornithischians closer to birds than were saurischian dinosaurs, and the
ornithischian pelvis was considered a synapomorphy (to use more modern
terminology) that united Ornithischia and Aves.