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Mr. Rob Meyerson's idea that ceratop(s)ians were the Mesozoic equivelant 
of dune buggies is an interesting idea, but he seems to be forgetting the 
footprint evidence that everybody on this list has been discussing.
If (a) footprints do not lie and (b) they really are ceratop(s)ian prints 
(which someone on this list - I can't remember who - recently showed is very 
likely) and (c) the foreprints are oriented closely together with a slightly 
duck-toed angle to them, as I have heard (which might rule out even a bow-
legged posture unless the dinosaur was fond of dislocating its wrists; the 
duck-toed condition would probably mean that the elbows were actually 
pointed inward - at least when the foot contacted the ground. Try it with 
your own arms!) I would be very interested in knowing how you fit this 
in with your theory, Rob. 8(=;u)=)

SEGNOSAURS! Are they really still categorized as theropods? If so, why? As
far as I know, the only reason for that is that they have sharp claws and
teeth, and 
that seems kind of rediculous. I'm sure all you who think they are theropods 
have some good, scientific reason for it, I'd just like to hear what it is. 

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