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Re: Stego/Ankylo limbs

>Ungulates solve this problem by having their scapulae swing across their=20
>often rather bulky ribcages.  Like ungulates, ceratopians have no=20
>clavicles, and this may well have allowed the scapulae to swing, which=20
>would also increase the reach of the rather short forelimbs.  This was,=20
>AFAIK, first suggested by Bakker.

The problem of this senario is that it sounds like the shoulder isn't really=
 attached to the body (unless the scapula solidly attached to something). =
 It seems to me that this kind of "soft" attachment would tea the limb off=
 the body at high stresses/speeds.


Q.  What fossil fish is a blood relative?

A.  The antiarch.