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<<SEGNOSAURS! Are they really still categorized as theropods? If so, why? As
far as I know, the only reason for that is that they have sharp claws and
teeth, and that seems kind of rediculous. I'm sure all you who think they are
theropods  have some good, scientific reason for it, I'd just like to hear
what it is. >>

Well, people think that segnosaurs are theropods rest everything on a newly
discovered segnosaur called _Alxasaurus_ that they claim has a semi-lunate
carpal in the wrist, thus making it a maniraptor.  I have seen the type
specimen of _Alxasaurus_ and believe me, it DOES NOT have a semi-lunate
carpal block; the wrist bones DO NOT look like the ones drawn in the paper!
 They are to me a sister taxon to Predentata, which with segnosaurs makes
Ornithischia.  Some have also tried to make people use this god-awful name
for them: Therizinosauroidea instead of Segnosauria.  DON'T USE IT (sorry

Peter Buchholz