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It's a WHAT????

Alligators are latest U.S. cash crop
 FLORIDA CITY, Florida, Jan 26 (Reuter) - A farmer climbs nonchalantly into a
concrete pen with dozens of toothy American alligators and cautiously moves
behind one, grabbing its tail and clamping down on its body with the other hand,
as other gators flee with a rush toward the far end of the pen.
 The American alligator, placed on the endangered species list in 1967 when
its number dwindled to about 100,000 after decades of unbridled hunting, is back
in strength -- no longer on the edge of extinction but thriving in the wild, in
captivity as a lure for curious tourists and on farms where it is raised as a
delicacy for the U.S. dinner table.
 "There's a bit of a mystique to people. They're one of the surviving
dinosaurs, I guess," Thibos said as he gripped a squirming specimen. "There's a
lot of misconception about them."
This is not the full text (although it is the only relevant text).
I thought you all might get as big a chuckle out of it as I did.