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Peer review and new volume in DML Encyclopedia

DML Encyclopedia

   New to the Dinosaur Mailing List Encyclopedia:  Volume VI, Anatomical
Dictionary.  With pictures, even!  Check it out.

Peer review

   Many of you probably remember a few months ago I posted several e-mails
in which I was debating the author of an article casting aspersions on
whether dinosaur fossils support evolution.

   I am now in the process of putting these e-mails together for inclusion
in my JDP.

   I have added addendums to these e-mails (with pictures, even!).  However,
these addendums probably have little to do with reality.  If you'd like,
take a look at the pages that I've put up to verify the accuracy of what
I've written.  Comments welcome, but bear in mind that only the addendums
can be changed; the e-mail portions have to stay the way they are.

   The pages cannot, as yet, be reached through a link on my homepage.  Type
in the following URL to take a look:


   Have fun, and don't trash me too much.

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