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Archie's English name

In a message on 3 Feb. 1996 ("Lizard like bird-hips") Jeff Poling
wrote "...Archaeopteryx (are-kay-oh-tare-ix)..."  I think we've
been over this before, but (1) the "p" isn't silent before "t"
except at the beginning of a word (cf. helicopter, optical,
Lepidoptera), (2) the "ae" is pronounced like long "e" (cf. Caesar),
(3) the "e" in the penult is pronounced like short "e."
Also sprach Webster's New Twentieth Century Dictionary of
the English Language, 2nd ed.  Thus (ar-kee-opp'-te-riks).

George Pesely
Department of History
Austin Peay State University      
Clarksville, TN 37044           <peselyg@lynx.apsu.edu>