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Re: Stego/Ankylo limbs

From: Robert.J.Meyerson@uwrf.edu (Rob Meyerson)
 > >Ungulates solve this problem by having their scapulae swing across their=20
 > >often rather bulky ribcages.  ...
 > The problem of this senario is that it sounds like the shoulder isn't really=
 >  attached to the body ...

Quite right - it isn't.

Or at least it is only attached by muscles and ligaments.  This is true
of almost all tetrapods. (Birds are about the only exception I know of).

This is why the reconstruction of the shoulder region is so contentious
- there is no bone-bone articulation to use to position the shoulder.

Go take a look at those mounted ceratopsians, you will see that the
shoulder is attached by an iron bar.

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