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Real Basic Question

        I was reminded that the only stupid question is the one not asked so 
here goes...
        Given that we can't know all animals that ever existed in the past 
the beginning of life or all that currently exist in order to find the perfect 
classification schemes...
        Is it fair to stick dinos within Reptilia just because the first 
discoverers thought they "looked" most like large lizards (insert 
scaly, sprawled and slow connotations here)? They did their best with the 
paradigms of the times but we know better now. Don't dinosaurs stretch the 
bounds of Class Reptilia? Isn't classification used to group LIKE things 
together? Sounds like birds are more of a model but NOTE THAT I DON'T PROPOSE 
dinos are birds proper.
        My bottom line is- Where are the lines drawn between 
reptiles-dinosaurs-birds? I would not like to perpetrate inaccuracies to the 
general public i.e. my nieces, nephews, future children and interested 
non-geologic collegues.

Note: Palaeoworld (Dinosaur Graveyard II) is on TLC, not the Discovery Channel, 
Sat. at 8 & 11 PM EST(usual times).