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>In trying it with my own arms, I found that with the elbow tucked in
>near the rib cage, but not praticularly pointed inwards (in fact as
>clse as I could manage to straight back), my hands naturally ended
>up in just the right position to produce the trackways I saw pictures
>of - slightly outside of the midline and slightly duck-toed. (At least
>once I rotated my wrists to place the my palms flat to the ground).
>As near as I can see, the suggestion of a horse-like gait in which the
>humerus flexes slightly outward during the power stroke seems like
>the most parsimonious reconstruction. This fits well with the trackways.

This is certianly a viable alternative.

>I *have* managed to combine a bow-legged posture with the correct hand
>placement - but it *hurts* (extreme outward rotation of the wrist).

Sure it hurts, because your arm isn't designed for that kind of locomotion.  
The point is that ceratopian arms were designed for an outward stance.

"Don't Panic."