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Re: Campanian question

>Could it be that  the explanation of the "diversity explosion" among the
>dinosaurs in the Campanian was a result of an attempt to adapt to a rapidly
>changing environment? The climate was stable until the first half of the
>Creteceous period, after that the climate was cooling down, slowly at first
>but later on must faster. Also the flora changed at the end of the
>Cretaceous period, the first flowering plants eppear. In a stable
>environment there wouldn't be a need to change but in a unstable environment
>that changend "quickly" animals would have to adapt to the new circumstances
>in order to survive. So was the Campanian actual a verry unfavourable period
>for the dinosaurs instaead of a good one as dr. Norman says in his book

The alternative explantion is that this 'diversity increase' is due to the
really sucky (yet another technical term) record of terrestrial sedimentary
rocks from the end of the Cenomanian to the mid-Campanian (the Turonian,
Coniancian, and Santonian, specifically).

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