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>Now, Professor Theobald Phlogiston has another theory, that the
>sauropodus gasbaggus in fact digested overnight, producing more
>and more hydrogen until, about dawn, they start to rise (literally
>and figuratively). As the day goes by, yesterday's dinner
>continues to digest (producing lift) while today's dinner is on-loaded
>(producing weight), keeping the blimposaurus in equilibrium. If he
>gets too light, a little gas is vented. If he gets too heavy, he just
>stops eating for a few minutes until gas production restores

Ever see the animated movie, "A Flight of Dragons"?  Theroretically, hydrogen 
provided the lift for flight as well as the fuel for the breath.  So perhaps 
sauropods fought off theropods by roasting them (predatory sauropods???).

"Don't Panic."