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Well done for posting the cladogram Peter: Nick, you need to do same, I am now
totally lost as to whichever hypothesis you're advocating. 

>  Hmm... I wonder why there is no therizinosauroidea in my cladogram?  Ya,
> that's for you Tom.

Anyone in Washington that can give him a good kick? No offence Peter ol'buddy.

I'm currently slogging through several 100 messages: it ain't *all* fun. Soon
as I do, I'd like to get a bit of a debate going on spinosaurs: David Martill
has just told me (1) _Irritator_ demonstrably lacks spinosaurid characters, (2)
material recently referred to _Spinosaurus_ is _incertae sedis_ and doesn't
match up with the type stuff, and (3) any postulated link between _Baryonx_ and
_Spinosaurus_ is imaginary! 

I'd _really_ like feedback on any of this, what with me thinking I was just
getting it all clear too - hey, I even reckon _Spinosaurus_ has a baryonx-type
skull nowadays...

"Someone filled my car with horse manure last night"  "Who would do that?" 
"I dunno, but it wasn't a horse"