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New Paleontology Textbook

The title is _Vertebrate Life_, 4th Ed., published by Prentice Hall, just
came out!

It is a very nice and up-to-date text, and includes many recent finds.  As
you say, older taxonomic classifications are chucked in favor of cladistic
terms.  Indeed, in the index:

"Dinosaurs.  see Nonavian dinosaurs"

Very comprehensive.  This book was recommended to me by our resident fossil
fish expert.

Sorry to say, however, I cannot answer your question!

>I was in the University library and I saw an interesting textbook on
>Vertebrate Paleontology.  It chucks out the term "Reptilia" and instead
>refers to "Ectothermic Amniotes" and uses the phrase "Non-avian dinosaur"
>as though it were an official technical term! :)  The book also asserts that
>dinosaurs were mass homeotherms ("Gigantotherms") but that they had high
>metabolisms anyway!  Could someone explain how this could be?  Is the author
>on this list by any chance (the book was by F. Harvey Pough, but the title
>escapes me)?
>                             -- Dave

Kevin Walker
Software Designer
The Electronic Newspaper
American Museum of Natural History