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> Yup, we got us an Afrothingysaurus right here in Sydney! It is part of the
> new fossil gallery in the Australian Museum and, as part of the opening of
> the gallery, we were graced by the presence of Paul Sereno himself. While
> here he had his picture taken in an "I'm trying to stare you down" type
> pose that made it into the papers (the Sydnet Morning Herald sas I
> remember).                                                      Paul Willis

Many thanks for helping with the situation Paul. So the paper wasn't talking out
of its, errm, after all? Sounds like the same photo fer sure.

> Is this the picture that you are refering to? 

Yeah, but we had it printed here in the Telegraph. Same chain as the Sydney
Morning Herald I guess. 

SO... if Sydney say they have an _Afrovenator_, and the skull they have is the
one in the photo, then the skull in the photo _is_ _Afrovenator_ after all, and
not the new humungous theropod Sereno revealed at the SVP meeting. So.. what
_did_ the new humungous theropod look like?

Ow my brain. Think I'll play with tardigrades for a while...