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Actually I thought that the book was MUCH better  ;D

Louise Sugar

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Subject:        Re: SAUROPOD GASBAGS

>Now, Professor Theobald Phlogiston has another theory, that the
>sauropodus gasbaggus in fact digested overnight, producing more
>and more hydrogen until, about dawn, they start to rise (literally
>and figuratively). As the day goes by, yesterday's dinner
>continues to digest (producing lift) while today's dinner is on-loaded
>(producing weight), keeping the blimposaurus in equilibrium. If he
>gets too light, a little gas is vented. If he gets too heavy, he just
>stops eating for a few minutes until gas production restores

Ever see the animated movie, "A Flight of Dragons"?  Theroretically, =
hydrogen provided the lift for flight as well as the fuel for the =
breath.  So perhaps sauropods fought off theropods by roasting them =
(predatory sauropods???).

"Don't Panic."