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Re: Stego/Ankylo limbs (really ceratopsian limbs)

 From: "nd to continue interrupted message.]" <sokay@snm.com>
 > Just catching up here after a bit..so 'scuse me if this has already been
 > brought up. 
 > Has anybody considered if these trackways have been distorted by natural 
 > forces either during formation(when they were still soft) or later?

In effect, yes.

First, a post-production distortion that narrowed the front foot
spacing, but not the hind foot spacing, or the width of the
individual prints themselves would be truly bizarre (the word
inconceivable comes to mind).

Second, there are several diiferent trackways, from severla different
formations, from different locations. It would be truly miraculous
if all of them suffered the same bizarre distortion.

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