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ICVM-5 First Announcement


University of Bristol, U. K.
12-17 July 1997


Please circulate this announcement to colleagues who may wish to see it.

The International Congress of Vertebrate Morphology aims to bring
together  all those with an interest in vertebrate morphology and
related subjects. It will be a meeting place for professional
zoologists, morphologists and anatomists from throughout the globe.
Topics considered at the meeting will be all aspects of vertebrate 
morphology, including anatomy, evolution, development, biomechanics 
and locomotion, vertebrate palaeontology, ecological morphology, 
morphology in behaviour, neurobiology, morphometric and other methods.

The Congress will be held at the University of Bristol, hosted by
the School of Biological Sciences and the Departments of Geology
and Anatomy. The Convenors are Professor Jeremy Rayner (University
of Bristol) and Professor R. McNeill Alexander (University of Leeds).

International Society of Vertebrate Morphologists
The ISVM serves to promote international co-operation in vertebrate
morphology and related areas. All those interested in the subject are
invited to become members of the Society. The President of the ISVM is
Dr S. W. Herring (University of Washington; Herring@uwashington.edu),
and the Secretary is Dr G. A. Zweers (University of Leiden;
zweers@iulsfb.ledienuniv.nl). If you wish to join the ISVM (the dues 
are a nominal $5) send an e-mail to Professor Rayner and your request 
will be forwarded.

Registration arrangements will be described in the Second Circular,
available late in 1996, which will include details of the
registration fee, a booking form and a call for papers. A reduced
registration fee will be available for students. We hope to make
available a limited number of bursaries for those who might
experience genuine hardship.

Provisional Programme
The Congress will occupy 9 half-day sessions, with a variety of
invited Symposia and workshops on a range of topics of current
interest in vertebrate morphology, complemented by poster
presentations and parallel sessions for offered papers. There
will be a plenary lecture by a distinguished scientist each day,
plus a trade display, and opportunities for showing films,
dissections and other demonstrations. Suggestions for Symposia
and workshops will be welcomed.

The Congress opens with a reception hosted by the University of
Bristol on the afternoon of Saturday 12 July 1997; scientific
sessions will take place from Sunday 13 to Thursday 17 July. The
ICVM-5 banquet will be held at the Regency-period Assembly Rooms
in the City of Bath, with entertainment by the Pump Room Trio.

Accommodation, breakfast and evening meals for Congress
participants will be arranged in University of Bristol halls
of residence, which are within a short distance of the meeting
rooms in the main University buildings (transport will be
provided where appropriate). Lunches will be available at the
Congress site. There will be a choice of rooms with en-suite
facilities, or cheaper rooms without. For those who prefer an
hotel, there is a wide choice in the City within a few minutes'
walk of the University: please indicate your preference on the
registration form.

Web Site
For more information about the Congress and the ISVM, see our
World Wide Web site: http://www.bio.bris.ac.uk/icvm.html.

Bristol and its environs
Bristol is one of the finest historic cities in England. It
lies about 120 miles west of London, close to the estuary of the
River Severn. For many years it was the second City of the
Kingdom, and it became pre-eminent as a centre for trade and
shipping during the Middle Ages. Local legend claims that
Bristol mariners sailed to the American mainland throughout
the last part of the fifteenth century, some years before
Columbus's voyage. John Cabot, credited with the discovery
of Newfoundland, sailed from Bristol in 1497. In 1997
Bristol will be celebrating the 500th anniversary of Cabot's
voyage: many special events are planned, including a re-enactment
of his journey with a replica of his ship, The Matthew.

The City has many fine old buildings and some excellent museums;
it is a major centre for the aerospace and other high-technology
industries, and an important financial and educational centre.
As a relatively small city it is within easy reach of
countryside; the National Parks of Exmoor, Dartmoor and the
Brecon Beacons are within easy reach, as is the Roman city of
Bath. There are excellent links by rail, road and air to all
parts of the United Kingdom, including London Heathrow Airport,
and to major European cities.

Weather in southwest England in July is normally fine and mild,
but with a maritime climate is hard to predict; typical
temperatures are around 22xC, but occasionally as high as 27xC;
some rain is likely.

To register for ICVM-5, please complete and return the form below,
either in printed form or by completing the blanks and replying to
this message: this will ensure you receive the Second Circular. To
help in planning the programme, please indicate on the form if you 
hope to present a lecture or poster. 

For further information, contact:

Professor J. M. V. Rayner
School of Biological Sciences
University of Bristol
Bristol BS8 1UG, U. K.

tel. +44 117 928 8111 / 7476
fax. +44 117 025 7374
e-mail: icvm97@bristol.ac.uk

Fifth International Congress of Vertebrate Morphology
Bristol, 12-17 July, 1997



I hope to participate in the Congress          yes / no

I expect to contribute a presentation as a     Lecture / Poster

The provisional title of my contribution is:

I would prefer to stay in an Hotel rather
than a University Hall of Residence            yes / no

I am an ISVM member                            yes / no

I would like to join the ISVM                  yes

Complete and return this form to:

Professor J. M. V. Rayner
School of Biological Sciences
University of Bristol
Bristol BS8 1UG, U. K.

tel. +44 117 928 8111 / 7476
fax. +44 117 025 7374
e-mail: icvm97@bristol.ac.uk