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Future Paleontologist

   I received the following e-mail.  I am forwarding this to the list and
sci.bio.paleontology as I feel that, not being a paleontologist, my
answering the questions would be downright mean.

   Please direct all replies to BOTH 75122.1412@compuserve.com ***AND*** to
jpoling@infinet.com.  These questions are asked so often that the answers
ought to be on my web page.  Thanks from both of us, and add any information
you feel relevant that is not addressed by the questions.


From: Davis & Leiman PC <75122.1412@compuserve.com>

Dear Mr. Poling,
I am a student in Orem, Utah, and I am doing a report on what I would like to be
when I grow up.  I have decided to become a paleontologist.  I would like to ask
you a few questions: 

1. What exactly do you do when you are at work?
2. What education or training do you need?
3. What is your yearly earnings or salary?
4. Who/What do you work with in this occupation?
5. Can you do this job anywhere in the world?
6. How many hours are involved in one day's work?
7. How many different jobs or titles could you hold in this one occupation?

Thank you very much for your help.
Kathryn Davis

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