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Hi all,

I've just been perusing the list for the past week or so (and I'm nearly
caught up with emptying my mailbox!)  My interest in paleontology is relatively
new - since reading Dinosaur Heresies over the summer of '94.  Lucky me, I'm
going to Medicine Bow on a dig with Bakker this summer!  While in my local
circles, I'm pretty much the authority on Dinos, reding all this has been a bit
of an indicator on what an overwhelming little clue I have.  Often, you fellows
mention the most recent Dino papers that are out.  Well, in an effort to
increase my knowledge, I ask: where can I get these papers?  What are the best
journals to look for?  Do you think they'd be available at a local library, or
would I have to subscribe?

R. Scott Kowalke

"Oh my God!  The Seismosaurus has just burst into flames!  Oh, it's horrible!
Oh, the humanity!!"