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Re: monolophosaurus

On Mon, 5 Feb 1996 Dinogeorge@aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 96-02-05 08:40:49 EST, bonn@qcvaxa.acc.qc.edu (Bonnie
> Blackwell, x 3332) writes:
> >in the Greatest Show Unearthed, the Tyrell's dino display from the
> >Canadian-Chinese expeditions, they have a full _Monolophosaurus_ mount
> >that is the type specimen.  either they "filled in" some detail there
> >that did not exist in the find, or they do indeed have a full skeleton.
> >
> >
> The mounted skeleton is a complete plastic or fiberglass cast, but the same
> show also features (or featured) the actual type specimen, displayed in a
> large case, from which the cast was cast.

Did they have limbs on it?  Phil Currie was kind enough to send me the 
original description, and in it he and Zhao state that there are no limb 
bones known.  Has more been found?

Nick Pharris
Pacific Lutheran University
Tacoma, WA 98447

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