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Re: Alxasaurus and segnosaurs

On Mon, 5 Feb 1996, Jeffrey Martz wrote:

> > Leaving all that aside, here are some hypothetical questions. If we had
> > never heard of Alxasaurus, where would the segnosaurs be classified? Would
> > Therizinosaurus still be included with the segnosaurs? And, finally, if the
> > claimed errors in the Alxasaurus description are in fact errors, is that
> > likely to mean that Alxasaurus is not a segnosaur, or that it is but the
> > classification needs to be reviewed?
> > Boy, what a mess!
>      Is is remotely possible the segnosaurs are paraphyletic?

    I think that this would SUCK! Or as people say from Seattle LAME!
        IMHO, I think you mean Polyphyletic?
> LN Jeff

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