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Argentinosaurus ?

Hello all! 
Apologies if similar questions have been asked in the recent past. I was reading
the Jan. 96 Discover Magazine articles about the diggings of Rodolfo Coria in
Argentinia. Coria wasn't positive as to whether Argentiosaurus was the biggest
ever since he hasn't found the femur. How is it that the femur is the best in-
dicator for the size and weight of the animal? How does a paleontologist make
the actual calculations and could their methods be applied toward any vertebrate
regardless of size? Also, the article states that Corio does have a tibia and
from that he can estimate the femur length and the weight of Argentinosaurus.
Again, how does the scientist calculate the measurement of an unknown bone
from the measurements of a known? Can someone provide me with an example that
includes an equation(s) and the actual calculations? One last question. What if
only a partial femur were found (distal portion) ? Could the complete length of
the entire femur be calculated and how? If you think this is of no special in-
terest to the entire list, please respond directly to me. Your attention and
consideration is appreciated
Martin Tillett