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Re: Triceratops skull at BYU

Dinogeorge says:

In a message dated 96-02-01 01:37:07 EST, vksmith@ix.netcom.com (Van and
>Kathy Smith) writes:
>> The last time I checked, the largest skull attributed to a
>>terrestrial animal belonged to a ceratopian -- over seven feet in length.
>>When alive, the head of this animal weighed thousands of pounds moving the
>>center of gravity for the animal forward.
>I understand that somewhere in the BYU boneyard is a _Triceratops_ skull
>nearly ten feet long, excavated by Jim Jensen and crew back when he was still
>an active fossil collector. It's still jacketed, along with hundreds of other
>specimens awaiting preparation and description.

I had the privilege of a brief tour of the BYU boneyard last week. The
skull was there. It's huge, though I don't know how much the plaster jacket
exaggerates its size.

Steve Jackson, sj@io.com - this will do till I fix my .sig file . . .