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Re: labels are imaginary

At  6:56 PM 5/2/96 -0500, Dinogeorge@aol.com wrote:
>In a message dated 96-02-05 18:20:20 EST, pharrinj@PLU.edu (Nicholas J.
>Pharris) writes:
>>> Birds aren't just another twig on the bush; they're a whole new bush on
>>> bush.
>>Sauropods, though, are just as much a "bush on the bush," as are
>>ceratopians, stegosaurs, etc...
>Not really. There are almost 10,000 species of birds, but less than 200
>species of sauropods. Even fewer stegosaurs, ceratopians, etc.

And how many species of mesozoic birds are there?

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Some of the more environmentally aware dinosaurs were worried about the
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