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Re: New guy

>Hey all-
>I've been lurking on this list for a little while now, reckoned it was 
>about time to come out and ask a few questions that have been puzzling 
>me. (Sorry if you've heard 'em before, but there's no FAQ!)
>I was a dinosaur fanatic as a kid, but my enthusiasm wore off a bit. 
>Getting on the Net put me back in touch with the dinosaurian world. So 
>much has changed since I was gone! I'm trying to keep up, but I have a 
>few questions:
>1. What's all this Ceratopia stuff? Back in the days of my youth I never 
>saw anything but CeratopSia. Someone get picky about the Latin or what?
Dinogeorge, Dave Norman, and others started getting picky in the 1980s.
Personally, I still like the "s", but I see the reasoning behind this.

>2. Ditto for Therizinosauroidea and Segnosauria.

Since Therizinosaurus is a member of the same family as Segnosaurus, the
family with priority is Therizinosauridae.  Theropod workers perfer to use
"Therizinosauroidea" for the clade "Alxasaurus + Therizinosauridae" (rather
than Segnosauria) because of the 'long' (okay, eight year) association of
the name "Segnosauria" with a probably mythical phylogenetic position for
this group.
>3. Did _Mononykus_ and the other alvarezsaurids have an arctometatarsalian 
>pes? I seem to remember reading that somewhere... If so, does that show 
>that birds are descended from arctometatarsalians, not maniraptorans?

Mononykus and "Ornithomimus" minutus have an arctometatarsus: I can show you
the slides of these.  Alvarezsaurus does not.  I do not know the condition
of the foot of Patagonykus.

If "Alvarezsauridae" is monophyletic, then the arctometatarsus probably
evolved independantly in this clade.

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