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Re: Re: What do these dinos look like?

>On Sun, 4 Feb 1996, Dave Hardenbrook wrote:
>> One other question: Did Spinosaurus have a Baryonyx-snout or not (if not,
>> how about a Dilophosaurus-snout)?
>Someone else can help you with the descriptions.  AFAIK, there are no 
>definite snout parts known for _Spinosaurus_ (although Dale Russell's new 
>material may well change that).  Charig and Milner, at least, think the 
>snout parts assigned to _Spinosaurus_ actually belong to _Baryonyx_ or a 
>close relative.

If you consider the dentary part of the snout (it is when the jaws are
closed :-), then there were "snout parts" known for Spinosaurus.

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