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Re: Segnosaurs

><<SEGNOSAURS! Are they really still categorized as theropods? If so, why? As
>far as I know, the only reason for that is that they have sharp claws and
>teeth, and that seems kind of rediculous. I'm sure all you who think they are
>theropods  have some good, scientific reason for it, I'd just like to hear
>what it is. >>
>Well, people think that segnosaurs are theropods rest everything on a newly
>discovered segnosaur called _Alxasaurus_ that they claim has a semi-lunate
>carpal in the wrist, thus making it a maniraptor.  I have seen the type
>specimen of _Alxasaurus_ and believe me, it DOES NOT have a semi-lunate
>carpal block; the wrist bones DO NOT look like the ones drawn in the paper!
> They are to me a sister taxon to Predentata, which with segnosaurs makes
>Ornithischia.  Some have also tried to make people use this god-awful name
>for them: Therizinosauroidea instead of Segnosauria.  DON'T USE IT (sorry

Yeah, bite me :-)

The semilunate carpal is easily seen in the hands of Late K Mongolian
therizinosaurs (see Maleev 1976).  The skull of Erlicosaurus is clearly
theropodan. Those who do not want therizinosauroids as theropods have yet to
present a detailed data matrix of derived characters to support their
statement.  They reject the possibility of reversals in the feet of the

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