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Re: Re: Monolophosaurus

>> is still closed. I think Tom Holtz's opinion (expressed in a posting
>> last year) is closer to the mark, that is Monolophosaurus is the closest 
>> outgroup to the Avetheropoda (Carnosauria plus Coelurosauria).
>I interpreted Tom as saying that _Monolophosaurus_ was the sister group 
>to the rest of the Carnosauria, and that sounds reasonalbe to me, too.

You're both right!  When I ran the analysis prior to writing the abstract,
Monolophosaurus came out as the sister group to Avetheropoda.  However,
adding and modifying the characters due to new taxa and observations,
Monolophosaurus came out as the sister group to Allosauroidea within
Carnosauria.  Either position seems reasonable to me, but I currently prefer
the latter.

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