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Re: Re: labels are imaginary

>    How about endothermy, the possesion of feathers (not proven for any 
>dinosaurian group no matter what anyone says) and flight?  Birds have 
>been going thier own way and doing thier own thing evolutionarily since 
>the Jurassic.  
And no one (but Dinogeorge and Thulborn) wants to call traditionally
nonavian dinosaurs members of "Aves".  Aves, Avialae, call it what you will:
this clade is recognized as a distinct taxon WITHIN A MORE INCLUSIVE CLADE
(just as Cetacea is part of Ungulata and Eutheria and Theria and Mammalia,
or Serpentes is part of Squamata and Lepidosauria and Lepidosauromorpha and

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