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Re: Re: labels are imaginary

On Tue, 6 Feb 1996, th81 wrote:

> And no one (but Dinogeorge and Thulborn) wants to call traditionally
> nonavian dinosaurs members of "Aves".  Aves, Avialae, call it what you will:
> this clade is recognized as a distinct taxon WITHIN A MORE INCLUSIVE CLADE

Excuse me, but there is a middle position as well.  I include arctomets 
in the Aves, which is the sister group to the Archaeopterygiformes, which 
includes Archaeopterygidae and Dromaeosauridae.  All descendants of the last 
common ancestor of, say, _Gallus_ and _Archaeopteryx_ belong in the taxon 

Of course, I only do this because I believe arctomets to be more derived than 
_Archaeopteryx_.  We'll see.  Either interpretation (Archie closer to 
birds than arctomets or arctomets closer to birds than Archie) involves a 
greater degree of reversal and/or parallelism than I am totally 
comfortable with.

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