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Re: Alxasaurus and segnosaurs

On Tue, 6 Feb 1996, Nicholas J. Pharris wrote:

> The "Pachydermata," on the other hand, was a taxon conceived to hold 
> tapirs, horses, rhinos, elephants, and hippos.  This assemblage is 
> polyphyletic, the features supposedly uniting this group having appeared 
> independently in each lineage.

OK.  I know it looks a little screwy to have me responding to my own post 
("boy, this Pharris guy is really desperate for attention!"), but I 
wanted to correct myself before anyone else had the chance.  I should 
have said "...the features ... having appeared independently in each of 
three lineages:  Perissodactyla (tapirs, horses, rhinos), Proboscidea, and 
suine Artiodactyla."

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