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Dino feathers=Ptero fur?

>    In any case, until _Pelicanimimus_ is fully described and put through
> peer review, I think it looks more likey that at least the common ancestor
> of ornithimimids and maniraptorans, rather than just the common ancestor of
> maniraptorans, had feathers or were well on their way to it.
>    It just crossed my mind that since pterodactyls had hairlike structures,
> maybe proto-feathers are plesiomorphic for archosaurs....

Crossed my mind as well. See my Archaeopteryx page:
(may be easier just to go to http://www.wam.umd.edu/~tmkeesey - shorter URL)

I thought of it myself, but I seriously doubt I'm the first. Does anyone 
know of any research done on this idea? What *is* pterosaur "fur" anyway?
Could it be homologous to feathers? Are they both homologous to scales?

-T. Mike "Someday my .sig will come" Keesey