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Cleveland-Lloyd Quarry informatin

Date: Tue, 6 Feb 1996 21:06:02 -0500
Judy Lundquist said:

"As part of an exhibit on teeth at my museum, I have obtained an allosaurus
skull cast from a sub-adult from the Cleveland-Lloyd quarry in Utah.  (See
how cleverly I got those dentists to buy me a dino skull?)  Can someone give
me some refs readable by a non-paleontologist about this site and the finds?
Anything unusual or especially interesting about them?"

The most immediately interesting thing about the quarry is the sheer volume
of good material it has produced.

If you will contact the College of Eastern Utah Prehistoric Museum in
Price, Utah (801-637-5060), which has an excellent display of material from
the quarry AND an exhibit about the quarry itself, you can probably get
some help. In particular, I saw a little booklet specifically about the
quarry in the museum store, and they had a poster showing where interesting
finds had been made within the quarry. But they had a number of nice quarry
photos on display, and since you are working on a museum exhibit yourself,
you might be able to talk either the museum or the quarry itself into
providing a copy. Good luck with your project!

Steve Jackson, sj@io.com - this will do till I fix my .sig file . . .