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Re: Tyrannosaur walking down the street

Oh, I can't resist this one; sorry!

Tom Holtz says:
>A picture comes to mind: An ambush is set for the tyrannosaur coming down the
>street. The tyrant trips over the wire, coming crashing to the ground.  Out of
>the alley way come three fanatical theropod workers, armed to the teeth with
>tape measures and big calipers.  Jim Farlow takes the feet measurements,
>Greg Paul gets the hips and upper leg, and I'll work on the metatarsi,

Well, at least we already know that, if it was moving 20 meters/second, it
would slide about 14 meters (and probably be dead) -- gangway!!! Not to
place myself amidst vaunted company, but I'd sure like to sneak in there
and dissect the musculature....

Anyway, I actually have a reason for de-lurking:

Who's been working on Ceratosauria phylogeny since Rowe & Gauthier (in The
Book)? Besides those brave souls doing a Theropoda phylogeny? Thanks in
advance for reptiles, er replies.

                        John R. Hutchinson
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