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theropod pubic boots

I assume that theropod pubic boots existed for attachment of some kind of 
ventral muscles that aided locomotion.  Can someone tell me, or tell me 
where to go (you know--a reference) to get information, on the specific 
musculature involved, and its presumed function?  Thanks in advance.


BTW, the latest version of "my" coelurosaurian classification (for a 
class handout) still has Maniraptora and Arctometatarsalia as 
suprafamilial categories, labeled thus:  "Maniraptora (suprafamilial 
group)*", and "Arctometatarsalia (suprafamilial group)*".  The "*" refers 
to a brief, simple explanatory comment at the bottom of the page.  I'm 
not going to use Ornithomimosauroidea, etc., which I guess are 
technically correct, or Arctometatarsaliuroidea, etc., which are 
categories that don't exist.  Anyway, just try to get any of my students 
to say words like that!  I'll just call them "arctos" in discussions.

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