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Re: Quo vadis... (REALLY my last)

From: "King, Norm" <nking.ucs@smtp.usi.edu>
 > RULES? RULES?  I don't need no stinking rules!
 > There seems to be a conflict here between wanting to keep up with current 
 > thinking, while still keeping a framework that can be presented 
 > (productively) to non-scientists.  It will be reaching to use terms like 
 > Arctometatarsalia, and I'm supposed to honor ICZN rules? 

If you wish to present your structure as a real biological
classification, using the established categories and formal names,
than you had better follow the rules, or you will be lying to your

If you wish to use informal categories and groups, than by all means
do so, but be sure to clearly label them as informal, and it is
probably best if you do not capitalize the group names.

Simplifying for the public is one thing - but making false statements
is quite another, and claiming that a Superfamily Arctometatarsalia
exists is indeed a false statement.

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The peace of God be with you.