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Re: Alvarezsaurus feet

>> Mononykus and "Ornithomimus" minutus have an arctometatarsus: I can show you
>> the slides of these.  Alvarezsaurus does not.  I do not know the condition
>> of the foot of Patagonykus.

>> If "Alvarezsauridae" is monophyletic, then the arctometatarsus probably
>> evolved independantly in this clade.
>What *does* the foot of _Alvarezsaurus_ look like?  How robust is the 
>case for placing _Mononykus_ and _Patagonykus_ in the Alvarezsauridae?

The foot of Alvarezsaurus is gracile, mtIII is moderately pinched (like
Ornitholestes, etc.).

Apparently, forelimb, vertebral, and pelvic characters unite them.  From
what I've heard, there are Mononykus-type arms in Patagonykus, at least.

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