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Re: theropod pubic boots

In a message dated 96-02-07 11:19:07 EST, nking.ucs@smtp.usi.edu (King, Norm)

>BTW, the latest version of "my" coelurosaurian classification (for a 
>class handout) still has Maniraptora and Arctometatarsalia as 
>suprafamilial categories, labeled thus:  "Maniraptora (suprafamilial 
>group)*", and "Arctometatarsalia (suprafamilial group)*".  The "*" refers 
>to a brief, simple explanatory comment at the bottom of the page.  I'm 
>not going to use Ornithomimosauroidea, etc., which I guess are 
>technically correct, or Arctometatarsaliuroidea, etc., which are 
>categories that don't exist.  Anyway, just try to get any of my students 
>to say words like that!  I'll just call them "arctos" in discussions.

The term "suprafamilial group" is far less specific than "superfamily." It
could denote a group of any Linnaean rank above family, such as order, class,
or phylum.

Ornithomimosauroidea and Arctometatarsaliuroidea would be invalid superfamily
names, because there are no genera named _Ornithomimosaurus_ and